18V Cordless Circular Saws in professional brands

 If you’re thinking the DeWalt DCS391N has a strikingly familiar appearance, you’re absolutely right.  We look at their power output, their speed, and control and ease of use. We examine their cutting capacity, how deep they can cut at what angles, as well as their bevel.

I’m a fan of DeWalt’s cordless Circular Saw and you get the same one here. It contours my hand nicely and makes for a comfortable grip along with the oversold. 

Dewalt DCS391N has a Great Design, Is Easy to Handle, and Comes With Solid Customer Support. This Dewalt Circular Saws also features 5500 RPM of no-load speed and has a blade bore of 16 mm. With this saw, you can handle a maximum depth cut of 65 mm when used at a 90-degree angle.  This lightweight approach offers an optimal balance at just 4 kg, so less user fatigue is present.

With deep discharge, a weak spot of lithium-ion, the provision of a “fuel gauge” in the form of a series of lights on the body under the main handle helps the user to monitor the best time to change batteries. When one bar is blinking at you it’s time for a charge.

Having a brushless motor is another key feature that increases power and performance. These sealed motors are impervious to dust, use less power, and generate less heat, so all the extra energy goes into improved performance. This is a win-win for end-users and also one of the reasons why the new generations of cordless tools are so much better than previous ones.

Other Features

Blade Brake

Blade brakes on brushless motors aren’t mechanical, they’re electronic. This makes it easier to engineer a solution that stops quick and the DeWalt DCS391N circular saw’s brake stops very fast to reduce the risk of injury to you or damage to your workpiece.


One downside is the push to trigger safety. I greatly prefer a push-down style safety. It’s all about creating two distinct motions to engage the trigger, but I find the push-in safety to be tougher to defeat. Then again, maybe that’s the reason for it.


Both the depth of cut and bevel angle adjustments are agreeably smooth to operate. The locks hold securely without being obnoxiously difficult to loosen. 

The Cut

As we’ve seen, the motor and the 165mm blade are perfect for construction jobs, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be sloppy about doing it. Triton classes this as a “precision circular saw”, and to make sure you’re cuts are true, it benefits from a front bail handle to improve your grip and control while you rip through the material, and a laser line which goes a long way to make sure the cut is 100% accurate.

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