6 Look for details when you buy a rotary hammer drill

  • “Soft no-load” function automatically reduces the motor speed during idling to suppress the vibration of the machine body.
  • Dual LED Job light – for enhanced visibility in low light & confined conditions.

Makita DHR400ZKU is a cordless SDS-Max rotary hammer. The DHR400ZKU LXT Brushless and Cordless SDS-MAX Rotary Demolition Hammer has a 2-mode operation with rotational hammering and hammering only. The machine speed is automatically reduced at zero loads in order to further reduce vibrations and facilitate the chisel’s targeted positioning.

Powerful engine:

Some rotary hammer drills have solid motors for medium-duty maintenance work starting at 7 amps and up to 10 amps for heavy-duty DIY projects.

Toptopdeal 6 Look For Details When You Buy A Rotary Hammer Drill

Voltage – Power of batteries:

The higher the voltage for cordless drills, the more power you get from the drill, but a stronger battery might make the drill more heavy to use. The best battery power to choose from is 18 or 20 volts because this type of power is suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications.

Although there are two types of batteries available, Ni-Cad and Lithium-Ion, Ni-Cad is increasingly being replaced by Lithium-ion batteries as they provide you with a reliable source of power, they recharge easily and are environmentally friendly.

The scale of a chuck:

The chuck is the drill portion that holds the drill or screw bit. Most chucks are designed to be keyless, meaning you don’t need to have a tool to attach them and they are easy to manually attach and remove.


Torque signifies the drill’s ‘ twisting power. ‘ The higher the rate of torque, the higher the twisting action the grill may produce.

Chuck size:

The chuck is the drill part that contains the drill or screw piece. Most chucks are designed to be keyless, meaning you don’t need to have a tool to attach them and they are easy to manually install and remove.

Drill packs and drilling tools:

Most fabricators sell you more than just the “bar tool.” “Bare tool” means drills are marketed by themselves. But some drills come in a kit that includes a convenient carrying case, a depth gage or extra batteries and chargers. LED lights are a great feature when working environments need to be lit with low light.

Toptopdeal provides you with Makita DHR400ZKU 36V LXT Brushless SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Only In Carry Case Drill Body. A rotary hammer is a powerful tool that can perform heavy-duty tasks such as drilling hard materials and chiseling them. It’s identical to a hammer drill because while it’s rotating it also pounds the drill bit in and out.