A Cordless Jobsite Coffee Maker

Makita DCM501Z 10.8V-18V CXT-LXT Cordless Coffee Maker Body Only. The DCM501Z features a Boil dry safety mechanism to prevent the system from burning out. No need to wait in line, rush off the job site or start the campfire if you can have brewed coffee in 5 minutes with a slow drip premium. Supplied with a mug and a spoon to weight. It comes standard with a dedicated coffee cup and suits the machine perfectly.


  1. Commercial cups up to 90mm height will fit the machine
  2. Battery ports for LXT and CXT batteries
  3. Carry handle
  4. Removable water tank convenient for easy refills
  5. Protection cover to the empty battery terminal
  6. Terminal protection cover for battery terminal
  7. The dedicated cup of 240ml capacity designed to fit in the machine without leaving a gap to protect against splash and dirt entry

Coffee Maker Problems

  1. There are several different factors that are responsible for causing coffee machine problems and can stop the appliance functioning.
  2. In many cases, mineral build-ups within the heating chamber or reservoir can cause damage to the appliance. This can also affect the taste of the brew being produced.
  3. Gaining an understanding of the causes behind these problems can help you follow an effective coffee machine maintenance process. can save you the expense associated with constant repair or replacement of the appliance.
Toptopdeal Makita DVC863LZ Coffee Maker


It is necessary to take all precautions and maintain your personal safety. Before dismantling the coffee maker and probing its components, make sure that it has been switched off.

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