Advantages of Disadvantages of Circular Saw!

For quick jobs and small home improvement tasks, making use of a portable circular saw is an excellent idea and is a convenient tool to have. There are some advantages and disadvantages of Circular saw

The Makita DSS610Z cordless is a powerful 18v circular saw. With a heavy-gauge base with 45 and 50-degree bevel capacities. Large lever lock and safety cover with the aluminum base calibration park constructed in a dust blower.

Cordless circular saws are widely popular in modern workshops and homes. Since they work with a Li-ion rechargeable battery and need no cables, the saw is ideal for both open and congested space operations.

  • Powerful 360W maximum output, yet still with the extra-lightweight. It  compact design achieved by using Lithium-ion battery as a power unit
  • Easy to trace cutting line due to LED job light with afterglow and built-in blow-off nozzle that directs sawdust away from cutting line


Convenience: Premium comfort at work is the best aspect of these saws. While the saw lacks the strength of the corded models, their user-friendly interface does make it up. Such scies are lightweight, too. So, anywhere you can hold it. In fact, the cordless ones won’t need to hunt for electricity and power sources.

Secure operation: It comes with cordless circular saw with tiny teeth. The smaller man with teeth that even if you mishandle the saw, those teeth would not do any damage to you. Also without the string, the movement won’t be missing. The cordless operation also means you do not fall when you tangle with the cable. Therefore the circular cordless saw is simpler and easier to use than the corded ones.

Time-saving tool: You won’t need to meander around searching for a power socket to get-go with a cordless power tool. Only press the button on and you can kick your project off. You still won’t have to interrupt the work on cut-offs for electricity.


Reduced running time: A circular cordless saw works with a battery. And even the battery that is most efficient can last no longer than a few hours. So, you’ll get a small working hour’ with cordless ones.

Lacks power: The cordless circular saw‘s most noticeable downside is its minimal capacity. Batteries are not capable of producing as much power as electrical ones, and they are not suitable for big projects and hard metals.

Safety tips:

  • Never use rusty, dull, or broken blades.
  • Do a brief safety test before using a circular saw to ensure that all parts are operating properly.
  • When working with a saw (or other power tools for that matter) stop wearing loose-fitting clothing.
  • Always wear eye and ear protection when using a saw, when you are working with a saw, you don’t want to get sawdust or splinters in your eyes.

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