Angle Grinder – Which one is the best for you?

Commonly, angle grinders have three basic functions; cutting, grinding and polishing. These work at a high speed in terms of cutting and facilitate cutting tasks with ease as well as giving greater precision in grinding than stationary grinders as they are handheld. If you want to recruit an angle grinder, you might want to take a look at the many ways they can help you.

Makita DGA901ZUX2 36V LXT Cordless 230mm Brushless Angle Grinder Body Only

The Makita Twin 18v LXT 230 mm Angle Grinder Body Only DGA901ZUX2. Its brushless motor guarantees long service life and increased running time. This angle grinder powered by 2x 18v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries giving a 36-volt machine the equivalent power.

  • Brushless DC motor generates less heat buildup and is ideal for prolonged use in manufacturing application
  • Electric brake stops blade immediately
  • Battery guard protects batteries from shocks, (e.g. fall damage, bumps
  • Large switch lever with lock-off function.

Makita DGA513Z 18V LXT Brushless 125mm Angle Grinder Body Only

Makita DGA513Z 18V LXT Brushless 125mm Angle Grinder Body Only. Angle Grinder with a soft start for smooth start-ups and variable speed control to suit the device speed to produce up to 8,500 rpm. This 18V Makita angle grinder features a brushless engine that delivers higher power and maximizes battery runtime. For a longer run time, increased power and speed and longer tool life.

  • Variable speed control dial
  • Anti-restart function
  • Electric brake
  • Safety Paddle Switch
  • Electronic current limiter for overload protection
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Ergonomic soft grip

Makita DGA467Z 18V LXT Cordless Brushless 115mm Angle Grinder Body Only

Makita DGA467Z 18V LXT Cordless Brushless 115mm Angle Grinder Body For the most demanding applications. ADT technology automatically adjusts speed and torque during operation for optimal performance. The Makita model DGA467Z is an 18v LXT BL 115mm Angle Grinder Bare Unit. This 18v Makita Angle Grinder uses an anti-restart feature, slide shift, soft start, lock-on control. Electric Brake stops the grinding or cut-off wheel in 2 seconds or less for maximum productivity.

  • Ergonomic soft grip
  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology: Automatically changes the cutting
  • speed according to load condition for an optimum operation
  • Active Feedback sensing Technology (AFT): Shuts down the tool to protect the user if the rotation speed suddenly slows down
  • Removable dust covers
  • Soft start

Toptopdeal provides you with an over-discharge and over-heating battery warning for Makita Angle Grinder. Makita’s vision is important for the relentless pursuit of innovation in our engineering and our products. Makita is at the forefront of new ideas, from our security solutions like AVT and dust removal to our Lithium-Ion battery and charger technology.