Best Cordless Sander Makita DBO180Z, its features, and advantages.

Makita DBO180Z is Cordless Sander which is used to Smooth Surfaces by Scraped Area with Sandpaper. It has a large random orbital action diameter of 2.8 mm for quick sanding and swirl-free finishing. Simple to operate electronic push button switch with 3-speed settings. Teardrop-shaped base offers better access to hard to reach corners.  Orbital sanders get their name because they move their heads around in small circles called orbits. A subcategory of the orbital sander is the random orbital sander, which moves its head around in random orbits instead of staying in the same pattern.


  • Simple to operate electronic push button switch with 3-speed settings
  • Connectable to dust extractor
  • Compact design with short height and a lower center of gravity for better maneuverability.
  • Strong angular velocity up to 11,000opm with a diameter of 2.8 mm
  • Speed preselection for material-specific working Sanding pad brake prevents damage on workpiece
  • Random orbit motion plus rotation ensure the finest finish with a high sanding performance
  • Velcro-type fastening for rapid, convenient sanding sheet changes
  • Pad brake prevents vigorous first touch sanding

Safety First

One of the most obvious reasons for purchasing a cordless sander is your safety. Sander cords are notorious for getting caught up in the belt, getting tangled and generally creating a hazardous work environment. Having no cord to deal with will create a safer workspace and eliminate any need to replace damaged or malfunctioning power cords.

Makita Random orbital sanders are close cousins to regular orbital finishing sanders. There are two distinct differences, however. While regular sheet-stock or quarter-sheet sanders sand in a predictable orbiting pattern, random orbital sanders oscillate in a non-predictable or random motion.

The beauty of a random orbital sander is that it leaves virtually no scratch marks, which are common signatures regular orbital finishing sanders leave behind. 

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