Bosch Wireless Laser File GLL3-80CG 12V

The Bosch GLL 3-80 CG Green Automatic Level Laser offers up to four times more visibility than your standard red line laser. In a much wider spectrum of lighting than red, green lasers are noticeable, allowing you to work with precision, even in the worst of circumstances. This is very useful for working in good weather all year round, indoors and out.

This laser is compact and easy to use

The Bosch GLL 3-80 CG is a self-leveling laser line that is compact, easy to use and extremely robust. Compared to redline lasers, green lines can be used up to 4 times higher and can be used indoors and outdoors. For extremely efficient work, three 360 ​​° lines allow horizontal and vertical leveling applications simultaneously. Thanks to the monitoring and monitoring of CAL Guard, this laser is very precise.

What were the first impressions of your unit?

The item was delivered in a carrying case, each item in the kit having its own location to keep it safe. The laser level is very well done and hard – exactly what you expect from a Bosch Professional item. It is also very compact and incredibly lightweight, making it the perfect size to be carried comfortably on site.

How easy was the device to use?

I discovered that the laser level was relatively simple to use in its most basic format after reading the instrument’s instructions. However, in this kit, there are a number of innovative features that require a little more reading to be understood. Like most instruments, I was much more comfortable with what I did after using it several times.

The laser level on a renovation unit that I was doing was placed to excellent use. There were a number of outlets, switches and other outlets that I had to install, all at different heights, in plasterboard walls, so the laser level was ideal for this task. After setting up the device, I was able to adjust the pitch using my phone, which I connected via Bluetooth at the laser level, and then identify it elsewhere.

The green laser was very easy to see and I personally discovered it better suited to my eyes than the red lasers I used before. I’m happy to say that the laser level worked exactly as I wanted it – it really appeared on the drywall and I discovered that it was very simple to change the height of the laser using my phone Bluetooth portable.