Common Random Orbital Sander Mistakes, don’t do that.

Random orbit sander can be used for all types of sanding work. It is capable of tough jobs such as stripping down paint to more delicate tasks like smoothing corners.

Makita BO6030 240V 6″/150mm Corded Random Orbit Sander with two handles featuring a rugged exterior— sturdy motor housing and solid aluminum fan housing. To relieve fatigue, this gives a variety of gripping positions.

  • Slow Down while Sanding

If you’re accustomed to handing sanding or using a belt sander where you constantly keep things moving, this one can take a bit of a perspective shift to wrap your head around.

This feels incredibly slow and tedious, and, admittedly, it is. But that’s what it takes to let the random oscillations do what they’re designed to do. This is the best way to reduce swirl patterns on the surface and get a uniformly smooth surface.

  • Don’t Press Down into the Wood

Pressing down can bog the motor, slowing down the process and harming the quality of your surface. Just let the paper do the work.

  • Use a Vacuum to Clean Up Dust.

Connecting the random orbital sander to a shop vacuum not only cuts down on airborne dust in your workspace, but it can also actually help improve your random-orbit sander’s efficiency.

  • Use a variety of grits, but not all of them.

Sandpaper grits are designed to be used as a team, where each progressive grit removes the scratch pattern from the last one. This means you can’t just toss on a super fine grit disc and get a finish-quality surface without working your way up.

• Always finish with the sanding by hand.

You’re never going to get a finish-quality surface with a sanding machine, at least on most hardwoods. Random-orbit sanders leave subtle swirl marks that can appear under finish even if you follow all the steps above.

The random-orbit sander’s oscillations as it spins do not create a distinct pattern. Some power sanders work by adding sandpaper to the faceplate, then the sandpaper moves the paper in quick movements to get the desired effect by pushing the sandpaper over the surface. Toptopdeal is our online power tool store, where you can get the tool you needed.