Cordless vs Corded Vacuums: Which One Should I Choose?

Vacuuming is an essential part of life for many men out there. It’s a job they need to take care of and keep their home clean. If you’re one of those people, you know there are so many vacuums out there for you to choose from to get the job done.

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal and you might be left wondering whether a cordless or cordless vacuum is right for you. Both have their main differences and various benefits and failures.

Toptopdeal Makita DVC261ZX11 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The Makita DVC261ZX11 36v Twin 18v Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that goes on your back for maximum portability. Powered by two 18v Li-ion batteries in series to supply energy to the powerful 36v DC motor drive system.

  1. Corded vacuums are plugged into the mains power so they generally have stronger suction power and give you better results, particularly on carpets. Cordless Vacuums will give you more powerful suction than a vacuum with a less powerful motor and battery, and the same suction power for as long as the battery lasts for better vacuuming results.
  • Corded vacuums hold much more dust than cordless vacuums and don’t have to be emptied as often, so allergy sufferers are less frequently exposed to dust during emptying. Cordless Vacuums need to be emptied and the filters cleaned more often to prevent blockages that can affect the cordless vacuum’s cleaning performance.
  • When you have a corded vacuum you don’t have to worry about battery life and can vacuum for as long as you like. Cordless vacuums have a limited battery life (usually 7-40 minutes) and need to be recharged (for 2-16 hours). A high voltage lithium-ion battery gives you a longer run time than a less powerful, lower voltage stick vacuum.
Toptopdeal Makita DVC261ZX11 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner-2


Whether a corded or cordless vacuum is better for you really depends on your home—how big it is, how much carpet it has, and if you have kids or pets. Cordless vacuums are better than Cordless Vacuums. If you want to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, please visit the Toptopdeal website.