DeWalt DCS355N- it’s specifications, features and benefits.

The Dewalt DCS355N oscillating multi-tool has a compact 300W motor. Offering a quick-change accessory system, blades and attachments can be changed in no time without the use of any tools. The DeWalt DCS355 XR Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed motors.

The ergonomically contoured rubber handle ensures it is comfortable to hold even during prolonged use. Our multi-tool components are strong and the knives retain a sharp cutting edge.


  • Power Output: 300 watts
  • Voltage: 18v
  • No Loads Speed: 0-22,000 OPM
  • Length: 310 mm
  • Oscillating Angle: 1.6°
  • Variable Speed: Yes
  • LED Light: Yes
  • Weight: 1.7kg

Features and benefits:

Toptopdeal Dewalt Dcs355n- It’s Specifications, Features And Benefits
  • Variable speed control and dual grip position. Allows for a simple soft start function, and better application control
  • Battery packs are interchangeable with over 30 tools in the XR system
  • Rubber over-mold and ergonomic handle design enable comfortable use over extended periods
  • A standard motor contains carbon brushes which generate friction, DEWALT XR Brushless motor eliminates this wasted energy, maximizing the life and runtime of the tool
  • A bright LED Light illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting

Tips for Using an Oscillating multi-tool

Dewalt Multi Tools Provides More Time to Run Over Brushed Motors, Making it Ideal for Professional use. With Cordless and Brushless Technology that Gives More Control, More Power, And Faster Cutting Speed. There are some following  tips for using Multi-tool:

  1. How Oscillating Tools Work

An oscillating tool works with a side-to-side movement. The oscillation is very slight (about 3 degrees) and very fast (about 20,000 strokes per minute), so it feels more like vibration.

  • Use a Straightedge for Straight Cuts

Use the oscillating tool to make a clean, precise cut and make the problem go away. Use a straightedge if you need a guide for the oscillating saw blade.

  • Round Blades or Straight?

A straight blade is best suited to sink cuts, where you stab the blade to the surface. For long, linear cuts, use a round oscillating saw blade. You’ll get cleaner cuts with the round blade if you make a shallow scoring cut first, then gradually deepen it with an oscillating saw.

  • Remove Trim Without Damage

Gently remove the trim from the wall just enough to fit into the blade of the oscillating tool, then poke the nails and cut through them with a metal-cut edge. Quick, simple, no more splits. Using metal scrap to cover the wall.

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