In almost all DIY and home improvement projects, Dewalt DCD996N cordless drills are used, but do you really know how to adjust one to maximize its efficiency? Just mount the bit and pull the trigger to properly use a drill.

The Dewalt DCD996N Combination Hammer is the successor to the DCD995, with an improved and larger brushless motor that delivers up to 34% more power. DeWalt has improved airflow to this engine which keeps it cool and at peak performance.

Forward / reverse control

Each exercise has a reverse and forward control. Each side of the switch should have corresponding arrows to help indicate direction. This will secure the device by placing the switch in the center.

Adjust the speed

Most drills / drivers have two speeds, but for an even finer change, this one has three. The adjustable gearing provides flexibility depending on the role you are going to play. Setting 1 is low speed / high torque and is best suited for screwing. Edition 2 is an average speed / torque and can be used for drilling or moving. When the unit is at a complete stop, do not change the gear switch or you may damage the gear.

Adjust the clutch

The most important feature to have dialed in is the clutch adjustment. Place the arrow to lower the adjustment and start moving a screw to change your clutch. The clutch will disengage the motor if there is too much resistance. Set the clutch to a higher number and find the sweet spot that drives the screw to the desired depth without disengaging the motor or overdriving the screw.

Drill handle

The Dewalt Cordless Drill is equipped with a removable handle that provides a bit more power and leverage to drive the drill into cement or brick when attached. To assemble the handle, turn it in the opposite direction to loosen it enough to slide on the front of the drill, then turn it clockwise to straighten it around your neck.

Charge indicator

Many wireless devices will have a battery indicator block that will show your remaining battery charge. Tap the battery icon to turn on the light. If it’s not on battery, some devices will also have these lights built in. When a battery dies, it literally stops working without any delay or warning.

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