How to choose the best Mitre Saw.

Everyone who looking to make precise cuts, over and over, needs to own a miter saw.  Understanding the key features of a mitre saw. Plus extra benefits like laser and dust extraction will make sure you’ll own the mitre saw that will do the job properly.

Makita Mitre Saw is a cordless and brushless slide compound saw. Makita mitre saw provide you with the energy and push you to need to do a job. The Makita DLS714NZ compound sliding mitre saw is powered by 2x 18V Li-ion batteries. This miter saw provides exceptional performance with its high-power 36V brushless motor and automatic speed control. You should anticipate a variety of features, such as a soft start, an LED indicator, an electrical brake, and a battery safety circuit.



The blade is what determines the depth or height of the cut. Mitre saws normally come with 8, 10 or 12-inch blades.



A mitre saw cuts mitres or angled cuts. The saw is normally preset to adjust to various popular angles such as 45º for right angle joints. Some saws will only mitre to one side, most will mitre to the left or the right making it quicker to use.



Cutting on a sliding action allows you to cut pieces of wood with greater widths. As with blade size, check the specs of the saws you’re looking at for capacities of cut they make.



There are different styles of blades on the market. When choosing a blade, the packaging will tell you the type of material it is for and the type of cut you can expect.


Some are double bevel meaning they will tilt left or right. So the wood doesn’t need to be turned depending on the angle you will cut. This bevelling action allows complex angled cuts to be performed in tasks like crown molding or furniture making.


Makita mitre saws have been seen with a variable speed dial. This helps you set the speed of the motor which best suits the material you will be cutting.

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