An electric circular saw is a perfect tool for making quick cuts in wooden boards for professional and DIY projects, however, incorrectly using your saw can be dangerous. If you need to know how to safely cut with a circular saw, you’re in the right place.

Makita Circular Saws are power tools that help you cut through material quickly and accurately.  The Makita DHS660 Brushless Circular Saw has an indication lamp for Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT). If high torque a green is light on, high speed the lights out and overload alert the light blinks green.  

Features & Benefits

  • Electric brake
  • Soft start
  • LED job light
  • Aluminum base with 45 and 50 degrees bevel cutting capacity
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Rear-facing exhaust port
  • Lock-off button for safe operation

Almost every power tool company sells a circular saw, so choosing the right one for your workshop can be challenging. Whether you’re a DIYer seeking a lightweight cordless option or a pro in the market for a feature-loaded model, this guide will help you get a handle on what to look for.


  • Never take your eye off where you’re cutting – that’s how you lose fingers.
  • If you cut between two points of pressure, you’re likely to squeeze the blade during the cut (called binding), possibly causing kickback.
  • Make sure your workpiece is supported properly when you’re cutting. Use a workbench and clamps for smaller pieces, and an extension table or roller supports for larger pieces.
  • Make sure the excess wood (waste side) is free to fall away after a cut, while your “keep side” stays firmly in place.
  • Wear safety glasses and a dust mask.
  • Your saw blade should be in good working condition and sharp before you attempt to cut anything.
  • Most saws are designed for right-handed people and therefore if you’re a leftie, you need to be extra vigilant against chips and sawdust. Waste material will normally be ejected to the left of the saw.
  • Circular saws have a pretty impressive kickback when they first begin to cut. Watch the position of your body and stay slightly to one side of the tool.
  • Don’t set your blade depth too deep. The saw blade should come 5-10mm past the depth of the wood you’re cutting. The more exposed blade you have, the bigger the risk of your saw binding or kicking back.
  • Make sure the retracting guard blade is working correctly.  With the battery out, test the guard can freely move back and forth (most blade guards will automatically spring back into the safety position when a cut is complete).
  • Double-check for nails or any other metals your saw might come into contact with. Nothing will damage your saw more, or create a stronger kickback than a circular saw hitting something metal.

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