How to use a Cordless planer- Dewalt DCP580N

The DCP580N cordless planer features a brushless DeWalt XR engine to eliminate waste energy and enhance the tool’s runtime. It has a DeWalt XR brushless motor which eliminates wasted energy, maximizing the runtime and life of the tool. This innovative new technology blends a highly efficient brushless motor with a high-capacity XR battery, working in tandem to produce the maximum output and the best runtime in the class.

  1. Onboard blade storage and Torx key – for quick and easy blade changes.
  2. 2.0mm Depth of Cut – For large material removal.
  3. O.1mm increment depth adjustment – For fine adjustment.
  4. Front and rear shoe milled in situ – For increased accuracy.

Check your preparation schedule:

Inspect your planer’s blade to make sure it gets clean. If after the previous job it wasn’t thoroughly cleaned, take a few moments to clean it now with a chamois or other piece of tanned leather.

Disassemble the planer if it is dull and replace the blade with a fresh new one to avoid rough cuts in the woods. Make sure that the blade is level, and even if you do not intend to cut it at an angle.

Choose your First Panel to prepare:

Examine the board that you want to plane carefully before you prepare it for planing. Look for visible holes in lumps, warps, loops, and tie, or any signs of dry rot. Choose only boards with straight grains and minimal planing defects, as these will be among the most visible parts of your project completed.

Organize your primary workbench, planer, and wood:

Keep the planer by its front and back grip knobs snugly yet comfortably. Set up the planer and workbench if you are on the right hand so that your right hand is at the back of the planer with your left hand leading the front. Invert planer, plate, and workbench orientation if left-handed.

Choose the location for your first cut:

Tilt the planer very slightly towards the surface of the board to put the planer blade in contact. Press firmly to push the planer along with straight wrists and forearms and peel off the board a fine stripe of wood. Use your legs and lower body to push the planer forward and upward. To reduce pressure on your lower back, stop bending at the waist.

Toptopdeal Dewalt DCP580N 18V Li-Ion Cordless Brushless 82mm Planer

After each cut, test the board surface:

Run your hands over the surface of the board after each cut, and visually check it to ensure that you have planned where you want and at the angle you want. Continue to plan until you arrive at your desired contours and surface texture. To improve the textured finish resurfacing the board with different sandpaper grits.

Toptopdeal offers you DCP580N 18V Li-ion Cordless 82 mm Planer Body. It is a lightweight and well-balanced machine with twin 82 mm interchangeable blades for both horizontal and vertical planing, and the capacity to plane up to 2.0 mm in softwood or 1.0 mm in hardwood.