Impact drivers, their specifications, and how they work?

If you think about buying impact drivers. Gather some details about the Impact Driver is important to you. We suggest you impact drivers Makita. Makita is one of the brands which is professional.

Impact Drivers is a very useful tool. For those who need a driver who can handle even the toughest jobs, the Makita impact driver is the perfect tool. The Brushless Impact Drivers Produce Less Heat and Run Efficiently.

Makita TD110DZ 10.8V CXT Brushless Impact Driver Body Only. The TD110D is at home in tight spaces with nearly toy-like dimensions of 130 mm x 180 mm x 50 mm. It may be small, but from a powerful brushless motor, it delivers 135Nm of torque. 

  • Voltage: 10.8v
  • Max Torque (Nm): 110
  • Brake Type: Electric
  • LED Job Light: Yes / Pre-glow & After-glow
  • Battery Capacity Indicator: No
  • Battery Compatibility: 10.8v Lithium-Ion (CXT Slide)
  • Rotation: Forward & Reverse
  • Variable Speed Control Trigger: Yes
  • No Load Speed (RPM): 0-2600

The Makita DTD154Z 18V Lithium-ion cordless brushless impact driver is ideal for use in outdoor or harsh environments for professionals. The brushless engine disposes of carbon brushes, empowering the engine to run cooler and more productively for longer life.

  • Voltage: 18v
  • Max Torque (Nm): 175
  • Brake Type: Electric
  • LED Job Light: Yes / Twin / Pre-glow / After-glow
  • Battery Capacity Indicator: No
  • Battery Compatibility: 18v Lithium-Ion (LXT)

Makita TD111DZ 10.8V CXT Brushless Impact Driver. It may be small, but from a powerful brushless motor, it delivers 135Nm of torque.  The perfect choice for furniture designers, kitchen fitters, electricians and so on, everyone doing a fair bit of screwdriver, but not using fixtures and materials that will really drive most devices beyond their limits.

  • Voltage: 10.8v / 12v MAX
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Drive Shank Hex: 1/4″
  • Standard Bolt: M5-M14
  • Machine Screw: M4-M8
  • High Tensile Bolt: M5-M12

How do Impact Drivers work?

Impact drivers essentially work by combining the rotational motion with a hammering action to generate high torque. If you have no idea what that means, picture it this way. Imagine while you are turning a screw, you started tapping it with a hammer in the direction of rotation.  That is essentially what an impact driver does.

When the motor alone is unable to provide torque to fasten or unfasten a screw, the spring-loaded hammering mechanism actuates. The hammer mechanism lifts-up and rotates around and then is pushed down by the spring. It then hammer hits the output shaft transferring the rotational torque to it and this is repeated. 

An impact driver gives a blow to the screw around 50 times a second, which produces upwards of 5 times more torque than your average cordless drill. So, if you are having issues getting a screw through tough material, then you may want to try swapping out a cordless drill for an impact driver.

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Thank you for reading this post. We ‘re happy if you get any help choosing the best impact driver that fit your requirements.