Introducing The New Makita DSC102Z Cordless Threaded Rod Cutter

Makita has come out with a brushless solution to make simple and precise Makita DSC102Z Threaded Rod Cuts. It varies from its main competitor in the style which should make it much easier for overhead cuts.


The Makita DCS102Z is a cordless threaded rod cutter. It is suitable for cutting mild steel threaded rod in sizes M6, M8, and M10. The DSC102 provides a quick clean cut without the need to de-burr the rod before threading on a nut. It can cut up to 1700 M10 cuts on a single 5Ah battery.

A LED light helps to locate the rod for perfect rod drops. The brushless motor is maintenance-free and more efficient than a brushed counterpart. It providing around 30% more run time per battery charge and the cutting dies are reversible for long life.

What’s The Big Deal?


The biggest talking point about the Makita threaded rod cutter revolves around the tool’s design, size, and weight. 

There’s a hang hook onboard, but Makita advises against using it on your belt to avoid potential injury. Instead, they make a shoulder strap to free up your hands when you’re climbing with it.

Making the Cut

The Makita DSC102Z can tackle all your course thread mild and stainless steel threaded rod using reversible, double-edged cutting dies.

Like other shearing systems, this threaded rod cutter leaves your rod burr-free and nut-ready. No more deburring a bunch of shrapnel from the end of your cut rods, no sir.

The easiest cuts are when you’re trimming installed rods. Line up the threads on the inside die and pull the trigger. 

Making the Switch

You need the onboard hex wrench to swap out the dies. Once you do, though, it’s just a matter of removing the bolts, making the swap, and screwing them back in.

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