Makita 125mm Angle Grinder 18V Review !

Makita 125mm offers compact angle grinders that are small and convenient. It helping you to smooth and grind down surfaces with ease. Angle Grinder with a soft start for smooth start-ups and variable speed control to suit. The device speed to produce up to 8,500 rpm. 

Makita DGA517Z 18V LXT Brushless Body Just 125 mm Angle Grinder. Angle Grinder with a soft start for smooth startups and variable speed control to match the device speed for up to 8,500 rpm production. The Makita 125mm DGA517Z has an automatic torque drive that changes both speed and torque, depending on the load. The lower velocity with more torque.

This Improves Safety and Efficiency When this Angle Grinder is in Operation. It Comes with a Brushless Motor, Active Feedback Sensing Technology as Well as Automatic Torque Drive Technology. Grinders have a range of uses, suitable for grinding, scratching, polishing, and sanding, so in many sectors, they are an essential tool.

Key Specification

  • Battery Type – Lithium-ion
  • Body only machine
  • Bore Diameter – 22.23 mm
  • Max Wheel Thickness – 7.2 mm
  • Noise sound pressure – 79 dB(A)
  • Noise K factor – 3 dB(A)


The key event in this grinder angle is that it features a new Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) by Makita. This device uses Bluetooth technology to communicate wireless power-on and power-off between the machine and dust extractor, saving precious battery life and time.

With AWS, this angle grinder can be connected via Bluetooth to compatible dust extractors. AWS will also help to reduce the travel hazards you might have experienced before when replugging the cable. The dust extractor only works when the power tool is in use. Therefore, dramatically decreases on-the-job or work site continuous noise which means everybody is happy.

Best Angle Grinder 2020-Ratings and Guide to Buyers

An angle grinder is an important device you can consider when taking your art to the next level. You can not overlook the importance of having the right tools on hand, whether you want to grind, cut metals, or polish that classic car.

Although the consumer is likely to face some safety hazards, several models are designed to provide the best possible protection when using this device. Other features that provide the correct amount of power for the particular mission, size, and replacement parts should also be able to match a good model. It provided you with the most acceptable angle grinders worthy of your investment.

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