Makita 5903RK-How to replace the cord From Makita Circular Saw?

The Makita 5903RK 9 Inch / 235 mm Circular Saw comes complete with a carbide-tipped saw blade, rip fence (guide rule), a hex wrench and carry case. Model Makita 5903RK is a redesigned version of the predecessor Model 5900BR. The 5903RK version features a riving knife, electrical brake, a more powerful Makita motor, a more reliable chip-sawdust ejection tube, and extremely robust.

A robust aluminum depth guide to keeping the blade parallel to the base, an adjustable top guide to align the cutting line and shaft lock to easily install and remove the blade.

A broken cord has all sorts of quick fixes. And some of them are perfect when you need your saw to work on the worksite again, but a broken cord is always a danger to health and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Remove the side cover from the handle:

To gain access to the switch and power cord, remove the five screws which protect the handle side cover.

Take the cord lock-off:

Now, you can remove the two screws holding down the cord lock.

Taking off cable wires:

Pull the switch off the assembly handle. Remember then where each power cord connects to it so you can connect it later.

Now de-screw the switch cable wires.

Drag the cord away:

You can now take the tension relief and wires out of the assembly handle.

Inspect the relief from pressure:

Take a moment to check for splitting or other damage on the pressure relief. If it seems tired, the pain relief should be replaced too.

Fix the existing cord:

Thread the cord wires through your relief from strain using the substitute if necessary. Then put the pressure relief on the base of the handle back into its holder.

Mount a clamping cord:

Protect the relief of the tension and the cable by pushing the cord clamp with the two screws down.

Place the cable wires back on:

Connect the wires of the cord to the switch just like before. Nestle the switch back into the handle, then route the cord wires into the saw’s handle so they won’t get pinched when the cover is on.

Toptopdeal Makita 5903RK 9″/235mm Circular Saw 1550W With Case & Blade 110V

Keep the cover on the handle:

Now just remove and secure the cover of the handle to finalize your repair.

Toptopdeal provides you Makita 5903RK Circular Saw. Now you have saved money compared to a repair shop and, due to a poor cable, have reduced the risk of electrocution at the job site. This quick-fix can be done when you find damage to the thread.