Makita Corded Nailer – How they work, their benefits and Problems!

The Makita brad nailer is ideal for paneling, cabinetwork, molding, trim, and beading applications. They improved the building worksite, making it more time- and money-efficient. Such nailers have taken on many different roles over the years, and are lighter and more compact than ever before. It is great for all kinds of finishing jobs and with its ergonomic soft grip, it makes it comfortable when using for long periods of time.

How they work:

To drive the nail a nailer uses air pressure. They’re connected via an air hose to a charged air compressor. These are very powerful because of the amount of pressure that builds up inside the guns before firing. They also have a solenoid feature which has a piston that can slide down when the trigger is pulled to fire the shot. This is due to the pressure which is released behind the piston. Following the release of the trigger, pressure builds back up to reset the piston and ready it for firing again.


These are incredibly powerful nailers capable of powering thick, long nails for framing, roofing, and flooring purposes into heavy materials. These are also very flexible and come for a range of job types in many designs- including more delicate finishing details.

These nailers are also easy to clean and maintain, and due to their simple design, they are easy to fix. They’re also designed for heavy use and are very durable. That means they can last a long time with care, and make a good initial investment.


As mentioned, a Nailer is powerful. It is actually more than powerful and, if used incorrectly, can be quite dangerous. Fortunately, nail guns are a simple design and easy to use, and so accidents are generally due to poor use care and not a design flaw.

You’re also dependent on the air pressure and the length of your air hose to work a nailer like this. Most air compressors can be transported easily – making them very portable. Plus, a filled tank can run for hours without having to be plugged in to pressurize an electrical outlet. But that does mean you also have some time constraints.

Toptopdeal gives you Nailer corded. Makita AF201Z is perfect for all sorts of finishing jobs and makes it comfortable with its ergonomic soft grip when used for long periods of time. Electric nailers are popular for their portable capabilities and easy, convenient use.