The Makita DJS161Z 18V  LXT Li-ion cordless straight shear has a cutting capacity of 1.6mm mild steel, 1.8mm stainless steel, and 2.5mm in aluminum, a new addition to the Makita Li-Ion range this single-handed shear will suit the professional user. The straight design provides more control and high maneuverability for easy cutting operations.

  1. Cutting Capacity: 1.6mm mild steel
  2. Cutting Capacity: 1.8mm stainless steel
  3. Cutting Capacity: 2.5mm aluminum
  4. Min. Cutting Radius: 250mm
  5. Strokes per minute: 4,300spm
  6. Charging Time: Approx 22 min


Make sure you put on your protective equipment because you’re dealing with steel and it can be dangerous. Metal shavings can become airborne and cause serious injury.

Cut the Metal:

Lace the metal sheet on the shear pad. Be patient, because it’s already going at this point and make sure you don’t get in contact with the edge. It goes for the metal sheet, as well. Then you’ll use a back gage on the sheet metal shear and change it to cut the metal about half an inch larger than the target size.

Clean and Store:

Now that its mission has been done, you will shut down the machine and set it aside properly. Switch the device’s main power switch off. Wash the bed of all soil and contaminants. Carefully wash the blade with a brush to avoid any metal shaves.

Cut the Other Sides of Metal:

Flip the metal 90 ° and place the side that was just cut out of the squaring bar on the pillow. Place the tape measure of the shear at the end of the metal and pull it over to determine the measurement system.

Power up the Metal Shear:

Test the bed of the sheet metal shear to make sure there’s nothing like soil or any substance on it that could get in the way of cutting the metal. If there is some dirt on it, turn the shear off and clean it first. You can continue again after you’ve cleaned it.

Toptopdeal Makita DJS161Z Straight Shear

Toptopdeal gives you the Makita metal shear LXT Li-ion cordless straight shear. The DJS161Z is a cordless straight shear driven (not included) by an 18V Li-ion battery to deliver up to 4.300 pm for high cutting performance. The straight design provides more control and high maneuverability for easy cutting operations.