Makita HM1213C 110V AVT SDS Max Demolition Hammer Drill – Review

A Makita demolition hammer is a powerful tool to break down large concrete walls. You can buy from a variety of sizes and styles. Not only is a demolition hammer meant to be used on walls but it can also be used on any dense, heavy, and durable object.

Makita HM1213C is one of the market’s largest manufacturers of skilled power tools. There are a variety of sizes and styles that you can purchase. A demolition hammer is not just meant to use on walls but can be used on any material that is thick, bulky and solid.

Where to start:

The effectiveness of the demolition hammer is critical where you start the work. You should start at an edge when you’re working on the concrete. Starting in the middle of a corner can cause problems as debris builds up later on. If you can work from inside to outside, it’s easier as the debris gets closer to where it needs to be and can be removed easily. If you can operate from inside to outside, this is easier because the residue will be closer to where it needs to be and can be removed easily.

You should start as close to the center as possible when working on a wall, and chisel downwards. The weight on top of the load will cause the concrete to collapse by itself.

Firm Pressure:

You need to keep a tight hold on it as you handle the demolition hammer as you press it tightly into the area you are demolishing. The demolition hammer can slip easily when using light pressure and cause a serious problem.

Tip Orientation:

The location of the demolition hammer’s tip is connected directly to how effective it is. When it is pointing to yourself, you should never use the demolition hammer. Remember, you never want the tip pointing straight down or into the surface that you’re trying to remove.

This will cause the hammer to strike the same spot continuously, creating just one hole in that one spot. The trick is to use the demolition hammer for angle and pointing the bit down. This will allow the tip to chip into the material rather than through the material.


The use of a hammer for demolition is a potentially dangerous undertaking. Most of these tools are very heavy, making them hard to maneuver. Never use it close to other people, and if anyone else is in the worksite area, then a hardhat, protective glasses, and a dust mask should protect him, which you should wear too.

You also should wear heavy work boots and gloves. The demolition hammer’s power can have you lose your grip easily. The gloves will help maintain the grip but the boots will cover the feet if you lose it. The gloves, hardhat, and dust masks all assist with shielding you from the debris.

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