Makita JV103DZ- Is this Jigsaw is Right for You?

While it may seem like a relatively simple and straightforward tool, the puzzle actually has a variety of features that set the Makita JV103DZ quality apart from one another. Some of these characteristics are fairly obvious, such as engine power or the number of strokes.

However, many features may be less obvious whether or not the gears are housed in a metal container or the directional movements of the blade during the cutting stroke.

Makita JV103DZ 10.8V CXT Slide Brushless Bow Handle Jigsaw

Makita JV103DZ 10.8V CXT Slide Brushless Bow Handle Jigsaw Body Only.  The “Soft no-load” function automatically reduces the motor speed during idling to suppress the vibration of the machine body. The JV103D features a top “hook” handle style and is suitable for woodworkers, cabinet makers, remodelers and general contractors.

There are two LEDs above each side of the blade which provide more than enough light to see where you are cutting.

Setting up your blade works great, you don’t need to pull the trigger to slide the blade in, it just clicks inside. It is pull the release and it pops up right away.

It has one setting for straight cut, then three settings for orbital cuts. On the back of the machine, just above the battery, there are six different settings for your speed.

One of my favorite blades to use in this jigsaw is an adapter blade for precision work.

Cut more than wood

It can also slice through harder surfaces like steel, fiberglass and even drywall, making the tool a valuable addition to your shop because of its versatility.


Modern jigsaws have the ability to operate cordlessly, which makes it a dream to use as builders. It can twist and turn freely to accommodate the elaborate curves when cutting boards. In addition to supporting any movement, even in small spaces, cordless jigsaws ensure that you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting dangling ropes.

Efficient cutting

Its efficiency at making angular cuts makes it a handy tool for fancy wood projects. They are heavy on design, especially for beginners who are not yet ready to switch to using adjustable table saws.

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