The Makita JV103DZ is a compact and lightweight Jigsaw powered by Makita lithium-ion batteries. This jigsaw has on the trigger switch a locking mechanism. That enables continuous operation and reduces fatigue when making long cuts. As well as straight cutting, the blade can also be placed in three orbital cutting positions. And an improved dust extraction facility is also available.

The slide battery easily fits into the equipment and new chargers and has the same high level of structural strength. As it has built-in protection to avoid overloading or over-discharge.

  • JV103DZ DC motor with high power to weight and size ratio
  • 3 orbital settings plus straight cutting
  • Blower function – blows sawdust off the line cut
  • The large 2 finger variable speed trigger makes this jigsaw easy to operate even with gloves on.
  • No-load speed reduction feature automatically reduces SPM for more accurate cutting starts

If Jigsaw is not cutting straight

Do not drive the saw too hard during cutting. The more you push the blade forward, the more you want it to bend. Combining a good quality jigsaw with a quality guide bearing and a quality blade. You’ll be well on your way every time to the perfect jigsaw split.

Power is on, engine is not running:

  • Engine is dead

  If the gears are off, then the engine may be dead. Replace the engine, or   replace the device.

Jig saw: blade doesn’t suit

The blade on your jigsaw doesn’t suit? Inspect for damage from the tube, gears, carbon brushes, bearings.

Bearings: Lift off the clamping screw and base to check the bearings. Replace the screws together to lock the cover, and open the door. Remove holders from hair. 

Carbon Brushes: The brushes of carbon transmit energy to the armature. These don’t transfer power if the brushes are worn out, allowing the blade to remain still. Remove the brushes and remove the holder. Place the fresh brushes into the holder and in the case reinstall.

The motor works but the sound of grinding comes from inside!

  • Blade guide broken: The blade guide can be worn, or broken, if the gears and motor run fine. Replace the Manual.
  • The motor is broken, and magnets are destroyed: But it may make sounds as if it were broken. Replace the motor, or uninstall the tool.
  • Remove the dirt, add a few drops of motor oil and safely check out the device. Replace device, if sound persists.

Breakers Tripped

Each circuit has a breaker which reduces the risk of electrical shock. The breakers will periodically activate and turn off a circuit. You need to locate the breaker box to reset the circuit, and mark the breaker that popped. Normally you just have to find the one in the OFF place and turn it to the ON.

Stay safe as the Jigsaw uses:

  • A jigsaw has a relatively visible edge so keep away from the business end-all of your appendices. 
  • Check that your blade is smooth and fit for purpose. Old blades go brittle and appear to break when cutting-you and your workpiece are in danger.

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