Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion Batteries

The new Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion batteries provide up to 50% more energy than previous Milwaukee battery technology. REDLITHIUM batteries last longer, think faster and work harder not to be forced!

Tailles de batteries de Milwaukee M18

There are three primary categories of M18 battery pack: CP, XC, and HD.

The compact batteries with 5 Li-Ion cells are the CP battery packs. The CP labeling is relatively new and should help clarify stuff.

XC battery packs, with 10 Li-ion cells, are the “extended capacity” battery packs. Unless modifications have been made, batteries from the M18 XC will offer a slight boost to certain instruments. The “XC impact” for example

Today, the Milwaukee M18 is coming back

Milwaukee announced in 2018 new M18 High Output batteries and extended the range by adding a new compact High Output battery and a larger XC battery capacity.

The “normal” batteries will be built with 18650 cells, while the last High Output batteries will be built with 21700 cells. With a higher load capacity, 21700 Li-ion battery cells are accessible, offering longer life.

Which one to choose?

In general, you can or should choose the size of the battery suitable for the instrument. If you are not sure, check the contents of the kit options for this tool, if any. A compact drill or percussion screwdriver is better for a compact battery, while a circular saw can better match an XC or even HD battery.

Larger batteries compared to an XC or HD battery