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Makita BHX2501 4-Stroke Hand Held Leaf Blower & Vacuum. The Makita BHX-2501 powerful 4 stroke garden blower weighs just 4.4kg and has a comfortable, single handgrip with thumb control throttle and press-in lock device, the low weight makes it very maneuverable.

Using your leaf blower to clean out the snow in the driveway or off your car is only effective. if there isn’t more than an inch or two of snow.

Key Specification:

  1. Fuel Type: Unleaded
  2. Engine: 4-Stroke
  3. Cubic Capacity: 24.5 cc
  4. Max Airflow: 10.1 m³/min
  5. Vibration K factor: 0.5 m/sec²
  6. Vibration no load: 9.3 m/sec²

This engine is noted for durability, performance and long life. Alternative nozzles and a vacuum bag kit turn the unit into the suction mode. It makes the BHX2501 the ideal garden clear-up machine for demanding commercial and domestic landscape operations. The quick start OHV commercial duty engine runs on unleaded fuel and has lower emissions than a comparable 2 stroke engine.


  1. They are usually heavier than electric models, require more maintenance and are much noisier.
  2. Take the hard work out of cleaning leaves and garden debris.
  3. Compact and lightweight machine with a slim body for comfortable handling.
  4. Clean exhaust emission and low fuel consumption.
  5. Electronic ignition.
  6. Mechanical decompression system for easy recoil pulling.

How to use it?

  1. Starting in your lawn’s far-left corner, blow most leaves into a pile, on a tarp.
  2. Don’t be fussy: attempting to round up every last leaf with a leaf blower/vac is counterproductive.
  3. In this corner of the lawn, when you have blown most of the leaves into a pile, fold the tarp over the leaves and clear the pile (you’ll probably need help) by dragging the tarp forward.
  4. Dump the leaves into a container from which they can be composted or eventually added to a compost bin.
  5. Go to the other sides, and continue the same way.
  6. Then, in the center of the lawn, tackle the leaves in the same fashion.

Visit our Toptopdeal location if you are searching for the Hand Held Petrol Leaf Blower. The Makita BHX2501 has been one of the best-selling petrol leaf blowers and with a powerful maximum airflow of 10.1 m³/min, you’ll have the garden free of leaves and debris with minimum effort and time. The MM4 engine features easy pull start electronic ignition with a choke for cold-weather starting.