What are the other intresting features of MAKITA DHS680Z?

The DHS680 is Makita’s first brushless circular saw, which becomes one of the latest members of Makita’s impressive line up of 18v Lithium-ion cordless tools DHS680 is set to become one of the most popular cordless circular saws on the market, featuring a brand new brushless motor and some new built-in features.

  1. Another handy new feature is the battery state indicator which uses 3 LED lights to illuminate the amount of battery charge you have left so you’ll never be caught without power just when you need it
  2. Soft start for smooth start-up
  3. Tool hanger allows you to hang the saw when not in use
  4. Blower function blows sawdust off cutting line
  5. Larger base than similar models that gives a more stable operation
  6. Electronic current limiter for overload protection
  7. Large lock-off lever for ultimate safety
  8. The twin LED job light ensures full visibility of the workpiece.

Features to Look for on a Circular Saw:

Trigger Safety

A few saw handles in our cordless shootout were less comfortable because they were too vertical, too fat, or had trigger safety buttons that were difficult to push. Trigger safeties should be within easy reach of your thumb – even when bevel cutting – and ones you push down on are generally easier to use than one you push in.


For a sure grip, the rear handle of each circular saw should have a rubber surface and most will also have the same coating on their front knobs.


A heavy saw will always feel heavy, but the good balance can offset the strain associated with handling a heavyweight circular saw. Keep in mind that the plus-size batteries we often use in cordless circular saws place these devices at their largest – and the larger batteries may negatively affect the equilibrium with which the device was originally designed.

Depth Adjustments

Most circular saws have levers mounted on the outside of the saw to secure the depth. These are easy to reach here but when the saw is set on the work surface, these can bump loose, particularly for saws with levers that lockdown near the shoe level.

Bevel Angle

Setting a saw’s bevel angle precisely is easier with saws that have marks every one degree instead of every five degrees and thin marks etched into the bevel angle quadrant are typically easier to see and last longer than those merely painted on.

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