Most suitable for straight cutting compared to general cut-out equipment Makita Drywall Cutter. Thanks to the excellent tool balance that makes it easy to overhead. In order to cut openings in the installed board, including drywall and plywood.


Makita DSD180Z 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Drywall Cutter Body Only. The base cover protects the material against damage. The DSD180Z would suit the needs of tradespeople installing drywall, lighting, or air conditioning. “For simple dust-free operation, the DSD180Z connects to a dust extractor. 

Safe Cutting – “What’s Behind the Wall”

It is designed to cut the wall board but NOT penetrate deep enough to damage objects behind the board. The blade is aggressive looking with teeth on both sides of the blade.

Dust Collection and Extraction

The Makita 18V Cordless Drywall cutter has a clear dust box that will hold a small amount of dust before needing emptying. This is useful for fast quick cuts where you don’t want to set up or have a vacuum handy.

A swivel dust port is attached to the clear dust box. When connected to a vacuum this saw produces almost nil for dust. The swivel was a nice touch; it allows for increased maneuverability of the tool, when connected to vacuum hose.

LED Lighting

The Makita Cut-out tool has two L.E.D. lights with a 10-second delay to illuminate the cut area. 

To use this tool, you simply mark your line, or run a laser, and start cutting right down the center of the stud or wherever you want to cut. The blade never touches anything behind the drywall.

This is a fantastic and innovative tool. As far as improvement goes we’d like to see a quick-change feature for depth adjustment or removing the blade.

It very quickly, cleanly, and with no dust. The depth adjustment of this tool is key and does an excellent of at preventing nicking wires behind the wall. When you think of saving yourself from repairing wires, this tool just paid for itself. Highly recommended.

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