What is Mitre Saw And Why Do I Need One?

You can write a book on just about every new Mitre Saw you see with all the features, modifications, calibrations, and use. I’m just going to discuss what’s special about this saw for the sake of time. And look at the most significant features here. You are welcome to read at the bottom of the page the full information about this saw.


The Makita DLS714NZ compound sliding mitre saw is powered by 2x 18V Li-ion batteries. It is exceptionally powerful thanks to its 36V brushless motor which delivers maximum performance and long life, similar to that of a mains-powered machine.

 Due to the brushless motor, this model is compact and lightweight and will not need any maintenance. This means they’re easy to transport and convenient due to not requiring a cable or mains power.

Renovating with the Makita Cordless Miter Saw

I want to emphasize, first and foremost, that this saw displays no blade wobble. The MAKITA DLS714NZ  bevel had been dead-on out of the box. The method is simple — we’re simply putting a square against the blade and calibrating the miter. 

The bevel lock rests on the front and removes the need for modifications to travel around the back. We enjoy front commands. It’s difficult to imagine going back to a sight that allows you to reach around.

Laser Beams

One big advantage is that you can change the laser using an adjustment dial without using a tool. We did tweak it so the laser barely touched the blade’s left side, making it perfectly precise for lining up cuts.

Dust Extraction

Makita was certainly playing around on this saw with conventional dust extraction style. Behind the blade, there is a combination of a large mouth and extraction through the blade guard housing. It’s really an fascinating idea. 


Realistically, you shouldn’t have any accuracy problems if you calibrate your miter you saw correctly. Nonetheless, blade wobble, slightly incorrect arbors and cutline indicators that aren’t properly aligned can cause you some problems.

If you’re shopping for a sight of a cordless miter, then it’s time to stop looking. By a relatively equal margin, the Makita DLS714NZ is the highest. Any of the other saws get the job done. but you’ll forget that while you’re using , the Makita cordless miter saw doesn’t have a rope. And that makes all the difference.

So, I highly recommend Makita DLS714NZ  18V Brushless Miter Saw as a excellent miter saw.

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