What to watch out for when choosing a Miter Saw?

With a variety of requirements and features, you’ll find the right miter saw that meets your needs. Anyone who wants to make precise, precise cuts must own a miter saw over and over again. The challenge, however – as always – is making sure you have the right miter saw. When cutting long pieces of wood and other materials.

In this guide, we’ll clarify what you need to know about buying miter saws:

Makita DLS714Z 36V Miter Saw

The Makita DLS714Z miter saw delivers power similar to that of a corded machine thanks to its 18V brushless motor. Zipper combination miter saw has large rotating base, brackets. On both sides of the tool to support a wide workpiece or to hold long workpieces horizontally and the design forward.

  • Brushless motor: slower wear, reduced consumption, increased autonomy and power of the machine
  • Brushless DC motor with high power-to-weight ratio and large size
  • Unique sliding system allows smooth operation to produce superior cuts.
  • Professional design and cutting performance (similar to corded) with cordless versatility.

Miter saw slide

Slip cutting helps you cut larger width pieces of wood. As with blade size, test the specs of the saws you are looking for for the cutting capabilities they produce. When you plan to cut mainly on condition, you won’t have to drop too much and the power required will be less.

Bevel / compound

The saw head tilts to the side and spins on the saw table. Some saws are single bevel. Some are double bevel, which means they will tilt left or right. So the wood does not need to be turned according to the angle you are cutting.

As with a sliding miter saw, there is more chance of things going wrong. Additionally, your saw will lose its alignment due to the added bevel feature. It’s a good idea to choose a respected brand. If you are looking to buy a miter saw with these features.

Other features of miter saws

Many now come with lights that come in handy when working in poor lighting conditions. Some come with built-in laser lines that will show a red line through the wood. This shows where the blade will cut, making it handy to line up with your pencil line.

Most saws come with adjustable rear fences, extension arms, and coin clamps. These are great for supporting your wood and keeping your hands free and clear of the blade.

Dust extraction and management

One area of ​​sawing I wanted to mention was the amount of dust that is generated. If you are in a confined area, you will definitely want to use a vacuum or a vacuum cleaner. This attaches to your saw and reduces sawdust in the atmosphere.

So what do you think of this Makita saw? Does the MAKITA DLS110Z make it easier for you?

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