When buying a Nailer, what to look out for?

Makita GN900SE is a cordless clipped head Nailer developed for framing applications. It runs on gas for powerful hose and cord-free nailing, as well as 7.2v lithium-ion batteries to power the onboard electronics. They are actually a pretty versatile tool. You can use them on trim. You can also use them to put furniture and cabinets together and attach door and window moldings and thick baseboards.

As for how far you can sing the nails, only about a 16th of an inch into pine, so keep that in mind when working with harder wood. The depth adjustment knob is large enough to make easy adjustments, but I still think that it still needs to be adjusted a bit to drive the nails further into the wood if needed.

Features and benefits

  • Easy Handling by using fuel gas as the power source, not using hoses and compressors.
  • Dual-position hooks are convenient for hanging from rafter or steel pipe.
  • Aggressive spikes allow for a firm grip on the material when firing.
  • The air filter protects the cylinder from dirt and debris to prevent malfunction.

User comfort

Considering the basic cost of a finish Nailer, we strongly suggest that you visit a local retailer and find a model that is comfortable in your hands. This is a tool that should deliver consistent results based on how you handle it. The quality of the work starts with your hands.


All cordless nailers share the same basic safety feature, they require the tip be pressed against what you’re trying to drive the nail into to operate. You can press the trigger all the live-long day and unless that tip is depressed fully, it won’t operate.

They all also come with a fan to clear away the spent butane. When you depress the trigger, you should hear the fan turn on.


The Makita GN900SE features Makita’s LED low battery and error detection system, and a shock-absorbing battery fitting to protect the terminals. It has a quick loading system that is easy to see. Its lack of comfortable grip turned us off.  Makita Nailers is the best power tool. In fact, they’re some of our best-selling tools here at Toptopdeal.

We hope you found value in our reviews of Makita finish nailers, and that they help inform you on the right choice.