Why Choose a 18V Circular Saw?

When it comes to cordless circular saws, every manufacturer of power tools has a good choice from which to choose. There are however a few companies on the market that have several circular saw options.

It doesn’t matter if you like a top handle, rear handle, compact or full size, Makita offers a wide variety of circular saws. So let’s take a look at this top handle beast and jump into the Makita 18V Circular Saw Review.


The Makita DHS660 Brushless Circular Saw has an indication lamp for Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT). If high torque a green is light on, high speed the lights out and overload alert the light blinks green. With a new compact and lightweight design with a side-mounted battery, the DHS660 has a lower center of gravity which gives you more control.

  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology: Automatically changes the cutting speed according to load condition for optimum operation
  • Indication lamp for ADT: High torque = green light on,
  • High speed = lights out, Overload alert = blinks green.
  • Improved visibility of blade tip

Makita 18V Circular Saw Performance

I have been using this to cut backing,  and more. I love how the saw handles for a top handle saw. The saw is smooth and easy to control while making cuts.

I do like the dust blower as it does a great job keeping the cutline visible.

Overall it’s hard to knock this saw. It’s powerful and has great runtime.

Makita 18V Circular Saw Last Explanations

For every work site this has plenty of power and runtime. Although I still prefer the rear handle saw from the Makita, this is a matter of preference. Many who want a top handle saw should avoid looking for a circular saw, because they will love this. Also impressive is the 36V platform Makita has.

This is tool to add to your list of considerations if you’re in the market for a professional-grade circular saw.

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