Why do you need Impact Driver in your kit?

Makita DTD170Z Impact drivers are small, cordless drill tools that are used to loosen screws and nuts that can not be removed by a traditional screwdriver. The DTD170Z is a cordless Impact Driver, with variable speed control, powered by 18V Li-ion battery (not included) to supply energy to the brushless motor, to deliver up to 3,600 rpm, 3,800 rpm and 175 Nm of maximum tightening torque for a wide range of fastening applications.

They can be used on a wide array of jobs; everything from building decks to tightening some screws around the house can be made easier by having an impact driver.  

Higher Torque:

As discussed before, impact drivers are much more powerful when compared to cordless drill/driver. So, when you need to drive screws in tough material, you will be able to do them faster and better with an impact driver.

Fits in tight spaces:

Impact drivers are compact and easier to hold for long periods of time. If you have seen an impact driver before, then you know that the head-length is shorter than the average cordless drill.

Easy on Your Wrist:

Because they do not experience resistance, and because they are lighter, impact drivers do not wear out your wrist as fast as cordless drills.

Self-driving Screws:

This power tool is particularly convenient when you are using self-driving screws that don’t require you to drill a hole.


Impact drivers are a highly useful power tool that you may want to add in your arsenal. When you buy an impact driver, look for power rating, RPM, weight, size and battery life. For more detail about impact drivers, visit our site Toptopdeal.