Would you like to buy Sander, but don’t Understand which sander is right for you?

Makita Sander is that which is used to Smooth Surfaces by Scraped Area with Sandpaper. Makita DBO180Z Sander is that which is used to Smooth Surfaces by Scraped Area with Sandpaper. It has a large random orbital action diameter of 2.8 mm for quick sanding and swirl-free finishing. Simple to operate electronic push button switch with 3-speed settings. Teardrop-shaped base offers better access to hard to reach corners.

It has the same orbital motion as an orbital sander but also spins the pad around a spindle at the same time. This action means that the grit travels in a different path on every orbit, which eliminates the swirl-patterns often left by orbital sanders.

Storage and Weight

Another problem with corded power sanders is that they tend to be bulky and difficult to store when they are not in use. Once you begin using a cordless sander, much of the difficulty is eliminated. Also, cordless sanders are usually much lighter and therefore, less of a burden when carrying or storing in toolboxes.

Maximum Charge

There is no need to worry about replacing batteries because you can work with a charged sander for up to three hours without it showing any signs of slowing down.


Working on projects that are far away from electrical sources can be a problem; however, you can use a cordless sander for many projects with hard to reach places.

Dust extraction:

Sanding creates a lot of dust, which is not only messy but can also be hazardous. Does the sander come with a dust bag?


On the top, just below the palm rest is the variable speed dial, within reach of your thumb, so that you can crank up – or down – the orbits per minute. Makita is quoting a range of between 4,000 and 12,000 orbits per minute (obm), which will give you loads of control over the speed of the pad according to what you’re sanding.

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