Most suitable for straight cutting compared to general cut-out equipment Makita Drywall Cutter. Thanks to the excellent tool balance that makes it easy to overhead. In order to cut openings in the installed board, including drywall and plywood.


Makita DSD180Z 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Drywall Cutter Body Only. The base cover protects the material against damage. The DSD180Z would suit the needs of tradespeople installing drywall, lighting, or air conditioning. “For simple dust-free operation, the DSD180Z connects to a dust extractor. 

Safe Cutting – “What’s Behind the Wall”

It is designed to cut the wall board but NOT penetrate deep enough to damage objects behind the board. The blade is aggressive looking with teeth on both sides of the blade.

Dust Collection and Extraction

The Makita 18V Cordless Drywall cutter has a clear dust box that will hold a small amount of dust before needing emptying. This is useful for fast quick cuts where you don’t want to set up or have a vacuum handy.

A swivel dust port is attached to the clear dust box. When connected to a vacuum this saw produces almost nil for dust. The swivel was a nice touch; it allows for increased maneuverability of the tool, when connected to vacuum hose.

LED Lighting

The Makita Cut-out tool has two L.E.D. lights with a 10-second delay to illuminate the cut area. 

To use this tool, you simply mark your line, or run a laser, and start cutting right down the center of the stud or wherever you want to cut. The blade never touches anything behind the drywall.

This is a fantastic and innovative tool. As far as improvement goes we’d like to see a quick-change feature for depth adjustment or removing the blade.

It very quickly, cleanly, and with no dust. The depth adjustment of this tool is key and does an excellent of at preventing nicking wires behind the wall. When you think of saving yourself from repairing wires, this tool just paid for itself. Highly recommended.

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What is Mitre Saw And Why Do I Need One?


You can write a book on just about every new Mitre Saw you see with all the features, modifications, calibrations, and use. I’m just going to discuss what’s special about this saw for the sake of time. And look at the most significant features here. You are welcome to read at the bottom of the page the full information about this saw.


The Makita DLS714NZ compound sliding mitre saw is powered by 2x 18V Li-ion batteries. It is exceptionally powerful thanks to its 36V brushless motor which delivers maximum performance and long life, similar to that of a mains-powered machine.

 Due to the brushless motor, this model is compact and lightweight and will not need any maintenance. This means they’re easy to transport and convenient due to not requiring a cable or mains power.

Renovating with the Makita Cordless Miter Saw

I want to emphasize, first and foremost, that this saw displays no blade wobble. The MAKITA DLS714NZ  bevel had been dead-on out of the box. The method is simple — we’re simply putting a square against the blade and calibrating the miter. 

The bevel lock rests on the front and removes the need for modifications to travel around the back. We enjoy front commands. It’s difficult to imagine going back to a sight that allows you to reach around.

Laser Beams

One big advantage is that you can change the laser using an adjustment dial without using a tool. We did tweak it so the laser barely touched the blade’s left side, making it perfectly precise for lining up cuts.

Dust Extraction

Makita was certainly playing around on this saw with conventional dust extraction style. Behind the blade, there is a combination of a large mouth and extraction through the blade guard housing. It’s really an fascinating idea. 


Realistically, you shouldn’t have any accuracy problems if you calibrate your miter you saw correctly. Nonetheless, blade wobble, slightly incorrect arbors and cutline indicators that aren’t properly aligned can cause you some problems.

If you’re shopping for a sight of a cordless miter, then it’s time to stop looking. By a relatively equal margin, the Makita DLS714NZ is the highest. Any of the other saws get the job done. but you’ll forget that while you’re using , the Makita cordless miter saw doesn’t have a rope. And that makes all the difference.

So, I highly recommend Makita DLS714NZ  18V Brushless Miter Saw as a excellent miter saw.

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We are proud to store a carefully curated selection of MAKITA ANGLE DRILL at Toptopdeal.co.uk to give you convenient access to hard-to – reach locations. If you’re at home or on site, we have the ideal solution for cordless choices.

Our cordless-only body styles are good when you need something lightweight, portable, and simple to handle because the lack of a cord makes them better suited to performing tasks in small spaces.

In the hardest holes and spaces where you need to hit the screws, our line of Makita ® right angle drills features a range of devices suitable for any set of tight corners. With over a century of power tool making experience, each Makita drill produced is based on proven design and made using only the highest quality available materials.

We also stock Makita drill bit kits and sets as well as our collection of Makita angle drills, so you can find everything in the same place. Not sure which of our drills fits your application best? Then come to contact our team.


Makita DDA460ZK 36V LXT Cordless Brushless Angle Drill Body in Case. The twin brushless angle drill Makita DDA460ZK is designed to meet plumbing and electrical business needs. The DDA460ZK is ideal for driving between joists ‘ space through large diameter holes. A broad beast designed for the most challenging drilling which offers high speeds beyond AC machines. Able to drill large holes with a hole saw up to 159 mm to match services. It would not be able to fit a relatively slim profile in other machines in the field. 

Stuff that we liked

As you can see, this right angle Makita drill packs a surprising amount of useful features. That are bound to make it incredibly popular in the months ahead. One of the biggest selling points is the design itself-it is a lightweight, cordless device. That makes drilling in small spaces a total breeze.

We liked the presence of Star Protection Computer Controls because it prevents the system from overheating during long drilling.

If you sometimes have to work in tight spaces and don’t like the hassle that comes with extension cords, definitely consider having MAKITA DDA351Z. We find this to be a well-constructed right angle drill that works just as advertised, with a slim design. Keyless chuck, Star Safety Computer Controls, strong motor and many other impressive features.

As far as we’re concerned, Makita is just another fantastic device and one that certainly deserves the success it has.

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The Dewalt DCS355N oscillating multi-tool has a compact 300W motor. Offering a quick-change accessory system, blades and attachments can be changed in no time without the use of any tools. The DeWalt DCS355N XR Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed motors. The oscillation is very small and very fast, so it sounds more like vibration.

 With Cordless and Brushless Technology that Gives More Control, More Power. Our multi-tool components are strong and the knives retain a sharp cutting edge. It comes with a soft starting feature for smooth start-up and improved application control.


Fitted with the proper attachment tip, your multi-tool can become the best friend of a plumber or labourer. Conveniently slice through plastic, copper and even galvanized metal piping. Yeah, you can cut metal by a multi-tool. Slice away excess screws otherwise unsightly, if not harmful. This means you can trim pipes and screws inside cabinets, in the ceiling, behind the wall and under floor boards and many other places that are difficult to reach.


However, trimming operations are not limited to outdoor operations. There are one hundred woodworking variable projects that you can use with your oscillating tool. For this powerful power-tool, cutting off excess material from a frame, modifying a piece of furniture or even replacing a stud wall is an ideal task.


It’s a simple one, but honestly, there isn’t a better alternative for cutting out dry wall than your trusty multi-tool. Getting a perfect square cut is simple and accurate. Regardless of how tricky the angle is, you’ll have the least amount of trouble with a multi-tool and plunge blade.


Using a fine sanding pad you can clean rust from almost all mistreated metalwork. For example, you could use a multi-tool to clean the rust off old garden tools restoring them back to their former glory. Take the base of rust off an old garden gate before repainting for a professional looking finish.


Sanding wood smooth is an integral operation for your multi-tool – but are you using this function to its full potential? Nice furniture tends to be an awkward shape, so using a traditional palm sander or orbital sander might not cut it.


You probably don’t have a power tool in your toolbox better suited for scraping than your multi-tool. High-strength mastics and vinyl floor adhesive can be a nightmare to get rid of after it’s hardened. Instead of resigning yourself to a long, tough job by hand, get yourself a steel scraping attachment and put all those OPMs to good use.

Toptopdeal provides you the DeWalt DCS355 XR Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed motors making it ideal for professional use. 

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What are the Safety Guides for the use of Dewalt Nailer?


Such hybrid versions, instead of using compressed air or combustion to produce driving force, use a rotating electric motor that compresses a strong spring. The DEWALT DCN660N Cordless XR First Repair Nailer has two speeds (or power levels) to customize the nailer for fire all lengths of nails. There are two modes for the nailer. The sequential operating mode allows precise placement and the operating mode of the pump provides production speed for the user.

 Nail weapons, depending on the nailgun’s size, use fasteners fixed in long clips or collated in a paper or plastic container. Nose tip designed to make the workpiece more visible for quick and easy access to a desired driving stage. 

  • Aggressive spikes allow for a firm grip on the material when firing.
  • The air filter protects the cylinder from dirt and debris to prevent malfunction.
  • Soft nose tip used to prevent marking the workpiece. Notched to help with alignment for accurate nailing.
  • Simple storage, not using hoses and compressors, using fuel gas as power source.

Nailer isn’t working properly:

The gas fuel cell is empty, out-of-date or not properly installed The incorrect form of nails is being used Non-compatible nails, petrol, etc. are being used Cleaning the nailer needs – particularly if it has been used extensively without regular cleaning!

Weird appearance:

  • A motor problem.
  • A fan problem, for example it hits something inside the device.
  • The nailer needs cleaning.

Driver Issues:

If your driver doesn’t retract or retract without much control, then you should first consider air pressure. But it can also be attributed to improperly working internal parts that need to be repaired. With sealers and o-rings being a top contender for the issue if you know all else in order.

Trigger issues:

Never simultaneously actuate the switch trigger and touch factor until the workpieces are ready to be fastened. Allow the contact element to depress by the workpiece. Never defeat its intent by back-securing the contact element or by manually depressing it.

Damage to battery contacts:

The contacts were twisted, e.g. when you attach and remove the battery. It also makes with the use of non-compatible batteries. Contacts suffer from corrosion, for example damage to water.

If the battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other metal objects. Such as clips of paper, coins, keys, nails, screws or other small metal objects, that can attach from one terminal to another.

Safety guide work with Nailer

  • Suppose the package also contains fasteners. Careless handling of the nailer will lead to unexpected fastener shooting and personal injury.
  • Wear safety glasses always to protect your eyes from damage to the dust or fastener.
  • Do not misuse the device, or try to use it for fasteners other than driving.
  • Until service make sure no one is near by. Never try to drive fasteners simultaneously from both inside and outside of the frame. The fasteners will tear and/or fly off, posing a serious danger.

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Brushless rules when it comes to Bosch combi drill! For a newly updated line of brushless 18V combi drills, Bosch provides every customer a three-tier output range of equipment. Just pick the level of output you need and start working more flexibly, all without losing brushless quality.

Bosch GSB 18V-28 18V Li-Ion Combi Drill

The Bosch GSB 18V-28 has a robust 13mm, all-metal, auto-lock chuck and is capable of delivering 63Nm of torque. The 2-speed gearbox and responsive variable speed trigger. Make this an all-round cordless combi, capable of driving screws and drilling in wood, metal, masonry and concrete.

With variable speed and torque, it is lightweight and robust.13 mm auto-lock metal chuck is incredibly durable and stronger than standard plastic chucks, plus tool-free bit adjustments.

  • Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects the motor against overload and ensures a long lifetime.
  • Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge therefore protecting it against irreparable damage.
  • More durable metal chuck for durable use.

Powerful and Smart – Here’s How

We know what having a brushless motor in our cordless tool offers:

  • longer service life (no moving parts in the motor)
  • longer runtime (motor is smarter at drawing energy from the battery and none is wasting creating heat)
  • more power to the motor(brushless is more efficient in how it runs)
  • a smaller and lighter tool (motors are less bulky)

So it makes sense that you’ll want your cordless combi-drill to have a brushless motor, and we find one in the form of Bosch’s EC motor in the GSB 18V EC. Which is great.

What to Look For in a Cordless Drill?

Clutch: More settings give you greater control of the depth screws are driven.

Speed-range switch: High is for drilling; low is for driving screws. Look for the widest range between them.

Forward/reverse switch: Should be easy to operate with your thumb and trigger finger.

Hand grip: Texture and contour should aid your grip; try out the grip before you buy.

Voltage: More voltage means more power but also added weight.

Battery: Two are better than one. New NiMH batteries offer some advantages.

Trigger: Make sure your index finger fits around it comfortably when gripping drill. Variable speed offers the greatest control.

Keyless chuck: Hand-turn it to open and close the chuck jaws.


If you need your drill to be a little more durable and stand up to frequent vigorous use, we recommend one of our professional range drills. They’re designed to withstand daily use and drill for hours without fatigue. These drills are ideal for professional use or perhaps really big DIY projects.

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Makita Angle Drill , It Comes with a Brushless Motor, Active Feedback Sensing Technology as Well as Automatic Torque Drive Technology. Grinders have a range of uses, suitable for grinding, scratching, polishing and sanding, so in many sectors, they are an essential tool. With lightweight cute apps, this increased efficiency automatically gives you high speed. The lower speed with more torque.

The Makita DGA517Z is ideal for grinding and cutting a wide variety of materials, including tile, concrete, pipe, duct, etc. This Improves Safety and Efficiency When this Angle Grinder is in Operation. It Comes with a Brushless Motor, Active Feedback Sensing Technology as Well as Automatic Torque Drive Technology.

Grinders have a range of uses, suitable for grinding, scratching, polishing and sanding, so in many sectors, they are an essential tool. This 18V Makita angle grinder features a brushless engine that delivers higher power and maximizes battery runtime.

Advantages of angle drill:

A right Makita Angle Drill is a tool with plenty of advantages and no real disadvantages:-

Tight Spaces

Right angle drill is designed to access spaces that conventional drill can’t reach, those tight areas behind beams or joists that you just can’t get to otherwise.


Most of the right angle drills have 3-speed motors. This offers a lot of torque when you need it, and also allows slow drilling when needed.


Through extensions to the drill bit, a right angle drill may hit some very tight spots.


That makes it an ideal, versatile replacement for your normal drill.


The side handle on a right angle drill gives a great deal more control when using, and some also offer a grip and trigger that will twist, increasing the possibilities when using the right angle drill.

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If you have one power saw in your tool box, make sure it’s a jigsaw. As power tools go, it’ll be one you reach for most – next to your drill/driver. From cutting wooden boards in straight lines to creating intricate patterns in sheet metals, a good handheld jigsaw is more than able to deal with even the trickiest of cutting tasks.


Makita JV103DZ 10.8V CXT Slide Brushless Bow Handle Jigsaw Body Only.  The “Soft no-load” function automatically reduces the motor speed during idling to suppress the vibration of the machine body. The JV103D features a top “hook” handle style and is suitable for woodworkers, cabinet makers, remodelers and general contractors.

Here are some of the features that a jigsaw can include:

Variable speed dial – Many options have several speed settings for cutting different jigsaw materials. When using a jigsaw to cut metal, for example, use a lower blade speed to keep your blades in top shape. You might also choose a slower speed setting when working with plastics. This will reduce the risk of melting your workpiece.

Orbital action – Some jigsaw saws are capable of orbital action, which means it will provide thrust to the blade as it moves up and down. These tools have an impressive cutting speed when compared to a conventional saw. If yours has this feature, use its orbital action knob to increase or decrease the jigsaw’s “thrust”.

Bevel Adjustment – Some jigsaws will have a special pivoting baseplate and bevel adjustment setting, so you can cut wood or other materials at angles. Although you probably won’t use this feature day-to-day, a jigsaw with bevel function can be incredibly useful for sawing at an angle of up to around 45°.

Trigger & Lock-on switch – Your trigger starts and stops your jigsaw power tool. It might take a moment for it to get up to speed after pressing the trigger, however. So, make sure you’re at capacity before your start any cut. If it has a lock-on switch, this will help you when working on a longer cut. As you hold your trigger, click this mode and you can lock a jigsaw while it continues to work.

Blade & Blade clamp – A jigsaw can come with a range of locking mechanisms that  secure or let you change out your blade. The simplest blade-changing systems will be toolless. But many will use a standard hex key for securing your blade in place.


  • Jigsaws make dust. There might be a lot of it too – depending on what you’re cutting. Use a mask and goggles to keep yourself protected if working with a jigsaw.
  • Make sure your saw blade is sharp and fit for purpose. Old blades can go brittle and may snap during use of a jigsaw machine – causing danger to you and your workpiece.

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What to look for when choosing the best SDS drills?


Bosch SDS Drills are built so that concrete and other materials can be quickly broken through. With a single charge, these devices will run all day, while not sustaining harm of any sort. You can count on results and all round success with the Bosch name backing it.

The Bosch GBH 18V-26 F SDS+ Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill is our priority today. The instrument is compact, making it suitable for smaller areas. Don’t worry, the instrument will be small, but all of the power is there.

  • Vibration Control: decoupled handle for low user fatigue
  • LED work light: an optimum view of the work position
  • Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overloading, overheating and deep discharge
  • Brushless EC motor.
  • Compact, dust-protected, lightweight.

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer Features

While you can use any Bosch 18V Lithium battery on this SDS drills, you will get the biggest kick from the Bosch 18V Core battery.

Bosch built this tool to tackle the toughest jobs. The tool is compact and lightweight. This tool provides electronic motor protection to protect the motor from overheating. The tool offers three modes of operation.  Drilling, Chisel, Drilling & Hammering.  

The tool has a D-Handle shape design which makes it much more comfortable than a pistol grip.  The rubber, textured grip helps with stability even when it gets dusty.

The large variable speed trigger is nice.  Some will be able to use two fingers with this switch.  We found it easy to keep a consistent speed when drilling.

The SDS chuck is tool free.  Just insert your bit and when you want to remove, just pull back on the collar and you can pull out the bit.

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer Performance

Drilling a hole with this rotary hammer felt like I was drilling into wood.  As with chipping, I didn’t feel a ton of feedback in my hands and arms.  Just another reason why Bosch is one of the frontrunners in the concrete arena.

The tool is powerful and compact which makes it perfect for even tight areas.  We love how little vibration you feel.  We found it amazing that a tool this small can pack so much energy into it, but produce so little feedback to the user’s hands and arms.

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What to watch out for when choosing a Miter Saw?


With a variety of requirements and features, you’ll find the right miter saw that meets your needs. Anyone who wants to make precise, precise cuts must own a miter saw over and over again. The challenge, however – as always – is making sure you have the right miter saw. When cutting long pieces of wood and other materials.

In this guide, we’ll clarify what you need to know about buying miter saws:

Makita DLS714Z 36V Miter Saw

The Makita DLS714Z miter saw delivers power similar to that of a corded machine thanks to its 18V brushless motor. Zipper combination miter saw has large rotating base, brackets. On both sides of the tool to support a wide workpiece or to hold long workpieces horizontally and the design forward.

  • Brushless motor: slower wear, reduced consumption, increased autonomy and power of the machine
  • Brushless DC motor with high power-to-weight ratio and large size
  • Unique sliding system allows smooth operation to produce superior cuts.
  • Professional design and cutting performance (similar to corded) with cordless versatility.

Miter saw slide

Slip cutting helps you cut larger width pieces of wood. As with blade size, test the specs of the saws you are looking for for the cutting capabilities they produce. When you plan to cut mainly on condition, you won’t have to drop too much and the power required will be less.

Bevel / compound

The saw head tilts to the side and spins on the saw table. Some saws are single bevel. Some are double bevel, which means they will tilt left or right. So the wood does not need to be turned according to the angle you are cutting.

As with a sliding miter saw, there is more chance of things going wrong. Additionally, your saw will lose its alignment due to the added bevel feature. It’s a good idea to choose a respected brand. If you are looking to buy a miter saw with these features.

Other features of miter saws

Many now come with lights that come in handy when working in poor lighting conditions. Some come with built-in laser lines that will show a red line through the wood. This shows where the blade will cut, making it handy to line up with your pencil line.

Most saws come with adjustable rear fences, extension arms, and coin clamps. These are great for supporting your wood and keeping your hands free and clear of the blade.

Dust extraction and management

One area of ​​sawing I wanted to mention was the amount of dust that is generated. If you are in a confined area, you will definitely want to use a vacuum or a vacuum cleaner. This attaches to your saw and reduces sawdust in the atmosphere.

So what do you think of this Makita saw? Does the MAKITA DLS110Z make it easier for you?

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